Tuesday, February 17, 2009

With so much Japan going on in the blogosphere it's hard to believe so much news about it can still be incomplete or wrong. Even Peanut Butter gets better coverage.

Yani told me to checkout the Japanese-wiki entry on Johnny's Jimusho to see how poorly researched the earlier Guardian piece I blogged was. Suffice it to say he was right. There is much more than meets the eye. (Ed.: links reposted)


The Guardian has clips from the recently deposed Japanese minister of finance in all his drunken glory. There is a King Arthur-Dudley Moore-potpourri-joke somewhere in all this that is just not coming to me yet.
(Thanks, Nate)

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Jim said...

Damn....I think most conerage of "Japan" involves a mind set of "them" being some kind of aliens. Everytime someone lies, instead of finding out what's really going on or just saying,"hey that guy is lying" there's this whole tortured examination of how different and wacky their culture is. First link is borked.