Friday, March 27, 2009

Postcards from the edge (someone please photoshop The Edge from U2 into that movie poster, please!)

I love the US Postal (Lack of) Service.

I am beholden to them because I can't stand private mailers. I use USPS over FedEx all the time. Despite the long lines, USPS does everything, and does it for the right price. And besides...

You can't FedEx postcards.

[I swear this isn't a fake twee set-up for me to ridicule anyone. I really love sending postcards. Ask anyone.]

So it saddens me for all the wrong sentimental reasons that the USPS might be cutting jobs, benefits, days of operation, etc. I mean I understand they're like gajillions of dollars in debt, and it's not like they're getting rid of all their services, but can you imagine how much worse the service will be when those exhausted Manhattan post office clerks, unloved mail carriers and philatelic experts are denied their retirement? I don't want to be the first person at the post office after news of that breaks.

I mean, the government does realize postal workers single-handedly coined one of our most enduring euphemisms for mass homocidal rage, right?

Oldies but goodies:
Post Secret
This is a wikipedia list of "postal killings: killings that took place on the premises of a post office." WTFF.


Ed Sizemore said...

Anne, you and my seven year-old nephew should become pen pals. He loves getting and sending mail. Anytime I leave town he insist I send him a postcard from the city I'm visiting. Even if it's only a weekend trip.

Dan said...

haha, i love the USPS too. that, and the US national soccer team, are two things which have regularly made me feel real patriotism.