Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Week's New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

This Week's New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest has "Asian joke" literally written all over it. [note: That's clearly Moses holding up the tablets of Mt. Sinai, but in case you can't read what it says, that's "food products" in Chinese. i.e. Moses is holding up a Chinese menu instead of the Ten Commandments.]

And in case you don't know what the contest is all about: Every week, The New Yorker lets readers submit their own captions to illustrations submitted by their regular cartoonists. The NYer staff separates wheat from chaff and then the readers vote for the best one of three. [What I'd GIVE to see all of the submissions.]

Gawker did a funny experiment with this contest, throwing the first ones by asking their readers to turn in the most preposterous captions. Of course, because gawker is at least as stuck up as the average New Yorker reader (disclosure: I've subscribed on-and-off to the thing since high school), one of their false-positives actually won!

Anyway, I submit to thee, all dirty dozen of you who read my blog, to submit the worst Asian jokes you can.

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