Monday, April 13, 2009

Convergence: Vampire Edition

Vampires have invaded my karma.

This morning I came into Museyon offices and remarked that the editorial manager was turning into a vampire because she hadn't turned on the lights in the office (we get plenty of sunlight but her desk is in the darkest corner). Not to mention her all black attire and generally pallid skin-tone also bearing elements of Transylvania.
She was kind of offended by my comment, but c'mon...

Hot, right?

Then I got to thinking. I guess you have to have seen or read and enjoyed at least one of the following: Interview With a Vampire, F.F. Copolla's Dracula, Blood, Underworld, Twilight...

Which in turn got me to think about what to my mind was the best film of 2008: Let the Right One In.

In Let the Right One In the vampire is a tween, so suffice it to say the younger the vampire the better the story. Pet Cemetary, anyone? Maybe they're great undeads because kids are already bloodsucking little connivers with much more up their sleeve than they ever let on.

(Just so it's clear, I think adult vampires are hot. Child vampires are fun. Not to be confused)

With vampires on my mind I noticed a teeny tiny button detail on my jeans:

Över min döda kropp
(Over my dead body)


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