Saturday, April 11, 2009

Masters Weekend.
My friend r.o.b. joked we should have a counter-tournament called Slaves. Heh.
Well, ironically, the Golf Channel did a whole cheeseball piece last night commemorating the retiring PGA heroes of yesteryear. Most notably, the South African Gary Player, and the caugh-on-tape-saying-a-really-stupid-racist-thing-about-Tiger-Fuzzy Zoeller.
I know joking about the whiteness of golf is a gimme, but let's see... Gary Player. Awesome golfer, awesome seeming guy, but was no doubt slapping balls at PUH-lenty of no-blacks-allowed apartheid era courses. And the Golf Channel insists on giving back Zoeller his good name after what they suggest might be twelve years of exaggerated (if self-imposed) exile.

But well, I think the comment he made bears some repeating for the record:


(Sigh) Golf could be so rad.

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