Thursday, April 16, 2009

More lessons in copywriting...

Many moons ago, I donated to my alumni LGBTI Center (along with the Literature Dept. and Kresge College... go Slugs!). God bless 'em all. I'm practically broke but I want the chillun to have their queer movie nights, Kresge co-op, lit. department faculty mixers...

So, ever since donating, I've been receiving the UCSC Lionel Cantù LGBTI Center's Newsletters, which mostly just advertise campus events that I obviously cannot attend. Thing is, I don't unsubscribe, and I don't even delete them, because the writing is in its own stratum of terrible puns. So terrible as to be sublime.

I mean hey, if anyone likes a play on words, even a tired old pun, it's me. Ms. ill iterate.

But folks, there's a play on words, and then there's this:
Look closely.
Exhibit A:
"Bust OUT"

Exhibit B:
Rainbow type-fill

Exhibit C:
Splooge behind mic-head

Exhibit D:

Someone here has grossly underestimated the power of the word "gay."

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