Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Go! To! SDCC!

To commemorate the awesomeness that is my translation of DMC (Viz), and in conjunction with San Diego Comic-Con 2009, I'm giving away copies of Volume 1 to the first five people to comment with DMC-worthy METAL anecdotes. They can be about metal shows, metal bands, metal crews, but if it's not metal, I will NOT reward you.

For those uninitiated to the glory of Detroit Metal City or Annus Itchii, I think The Rack says it nicely. (Thanks for the link, Douglas)

Also, I'll be at SDCC again this year, chez Giant Robot. Want a little Annus Itchii autograph action? 


Motortree said...

I already have a copy, which is good, since this anecdote is too lame to deserve any kind of reward. I'm probably misremembering the details and exactly who said exactly what.

A few months ago my wife and I got a ride back from a party with one of her coworkers and his girlfriend. We were caught in traffic, and talk turned to celebrities. The coworker's girlfriend said that a friend of hers was dating somebody from Dokken.

The coworker said "Really? It's not Don Dokken, is it?"

I said "Wait, Dokken is somebody's name?"

"Yeah, what did you think it meant?" my wife said.

"I thought it was just made up, like Krokus or something."

"No, it's the guy's name. Like Dio."

"Anyway, no, it's not Don Dokken. I think it's just like the touring bassist or drummer or something, he's not an original member."

"That's not as good," the coworker said.

"What's he like?" I asked. "Is he cool, or is it more that he's in Dokken?"

"I guess she likes him, but I think she also just thought it was funny to date somebody from Dokken."

"That is pretty funny," my wife said.

Then we talked about something else for a while. For a week or so I kept telling people "I met somebody who knows somebody who's dating somebody in Dokken" but nobody had much of a reaction.

Anyway, DMC rocks!

ill iterate said...

I love it. It's like David Mamet-metal.

gerry said...

Hey Anne,

It's not really an anecdote, but one of the coolest experiences of my life happened when I was fifteen, a friend and I went and saw Black Sabbath, with Quiet Riot opening. We bought acid from some guy at the show and it was simply a mind-blowing experience.

Or, there was the time I was hitch-hiking back from Van Halen's 1984 concert and the guy who gave me a lift stopped to pick up every piece of roadkill he came across and threw it in the back of the van.

Or, there was the time I talked my way out of a fight at a Motorhead concert recently, when I told the guy that regardless of who won or lost the fight, we'd probably get kicked out, and I didn't want to miss Lemmy and the crew. Neither did he, apparently.

Probably my favorite (again, not really an anecdote)was watching Pantera in Portland, and as they were wrapping up the show, Dimebag Darrell said "Thank you, Portland. Eat pussy till your jaw falls off".

Ed Sizemore said...

"Want a little Annus Itchii autograph action?"

Depends. Who or what will be holding the pen? I just need to know if I should wash my hands afterwards ;-}

ill iterate said...

Dude. Pantera is now my official touchstone for DMC. Eat pussy till your jaw falls off? HAMMERTIME.

Also, Ed, I'd be signing with my hand, don't worry. If my itchii annus could sign books I wouldn't be in publishing now would I?

Ed Sizemore said...

True, you'd be a very well paid performance artist.

Will you be at NY Anime Fest? I would like to get my copy of DMC signed.