Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Rodney King won in his Celebrity Boxing match against a Simon Auoud, an ex-bad cop (not one that beat him up in 1993, however).

For all of Celebrity Boxing's dick cheese, I gotta hand it to them. This was a great versus. I mean who cares about Uwe Bolle or Danny Bonnaducci (sp is wrong. I know, I know.). Here are some more suggested versuses (sp is wrong. Dude, who cares.)

Don King v. Al Sharpton
Odds on: Sharpton
Advantage: Jowel-slap

Terry Gilliam v. Tim Burton
Odds on: Gilliam
Advantage: Not having to cast himself with Johnny Depp

Nancy Pelosi v. Hillary Clinton, pantsuit competition.
Odds on: Pelosi
Advantage: Bill Clinton

Spitzer v. Sanford in a Jack-off-Off
Odds on: Hmmm... This is hard (badum dum). Sanford would probably pull some below the belt moves (badum dum dum... "thanks, I'm here all week"), but Spitzer's hand will probably let him have unprotected anal sex (crickets).
Advantage: vaseline.

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