Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great moments in translation

Some great things I've had to decipher of late:

Literal translation: "The temperature and the temperature were a degree off."
Ishii-ese: "The temperature missed the atmosphere by mere degrees."
Potpourri: "I got a masters degree. It's a bunch of hot air."

Literal translation:
"Those are the hills we see from the city? They're the wrong shape."
"That's because we're inside the hills."
"We're inside the hills?"
"Yes, inside."
"These are the same hills?"
Ishii-ese: (Calling David Mamet. BRB)
Potpourri: "My bumps, my bumps. My itty bitty bumps."

Literal translation: "It was like he'd been beaten by the stick of life."
Ishii-ese: "He looked really beat up."
Potpourri: "I'll show you a stick of life."

Literal translation: "I'm making whipped cream of love."
Ishii-ese: "I'm making whipped cream of love."
Potpourri: "I'm making whipped cream of love."

1 comment:

kw said...

No, no. The correct stress here is, "Oh, I'll show you a stick of life!"

I know this.