Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanks to Alexis for bringing this gem of yellow fever to light.

"A Self-Guided Study of Japanese Food: (Setting) out to understand Japanese food traditions but finding out how modern and trendsetting it really is." (From Food & Wine magazine)

A. What year is it? 1985? Because if "discovering" trendy Japanese cuisine is novel, then I must still be wearing an acid-washed jean jacket with a pink L.A. Gear varsity patch glued onto the back.

B. This line:
I didn't have to try hard to appreciate the flavor of the grilled sanma. It was obviously delicious.
I feel sorry for whoever has to sleep with her.

C. This dialogue:
Harris ordered the sanma becaise ot was shun. In response to my blank look, he explained: He’d ordered a mackerel pike (sanma) that was at the peak of seasonality (shun). Shun is a critical concept in Japanese cuisine. Said Harris, “Japanese culture is so food-obsessed, even the mailman knows when an ingredient is at the height of its seasonality.
I want to know the mailman that describes his lunchtime bento box as "shun."

Thanks, Alexis.

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Deborah said...

White lady in Chinese outfit enjoying Japanese food? In the background music from The "Flower Drum Song."