Sunday, November 8, 2009

Carrying the Coke Zero

Just got a reference to "fluorescent beige" ("Precious") from a Charlie I thought I knew, but turned out to be a different Charlie who I don't know at all. Made the same mistake with two different dudes named Shane, a couple weeks ago, sending one of them a very confusing and obscene email. A frenchman just told me through a pay phone to meet at Grand Central but I thought he said Parc Central and now I'm supposed to find a statue of an eagle or wings. I have no idea what I'm hearing anymore.

I need a flux capacitor and a coke.


gr said...

You almost know that same Charlie. He was at my house with his new wife, Genevieve, teaching me how to play mahjong less than 48 hours before you were at my house teaching me how to play other sexy games.


ill iterate said...

Ahhhhh. Now it all makes sense.

ill iterate said...

I mean the new sexy games, of course. They make sense now.