Monday, November 9, 2009

dickchicken and the french

This week I host a pair of French friends visiting New York: Oz and Julien. Both are hard-core kids turned social workers, which makes sense in exactly the same way that mean kids turn into cops in the U.S. Last night we walked from Giant Robot NY in the East Village (which you allllll know), to Williamsburg and had The Convergence Crazies.

Part I: The three of us stopped at Village Yokocho for some Calpico--a sublime beverage that hasn't made its way to France yet. The last time Oz was in NY he came with his mother, and we three did the same exact thing at Go on 8th St.

Unbelievably, the table seated next to us at Yokocho...was the same exact group that sat next to us at Go last time. The. Same. Exact. Three. People. (We remember them perfectly because they all had very distinguishing characteristics, not the least of which was a tie-dyed afro.)

Part II: After we downed some Calpico and onigiri we headed out for the walk of hipster champions. Julien started talking about a show in France called "New York: Unité Investigative Speciale." I told him I had no clue what he was talking about. Julien was making the point that being in New York walking around at night he couldn't help but sing the theme song to himself.

Duhn-DUHN ba ba ba-da daaaa

Anne: Oh my god you're talking about LAW&ORDER.

We cross the Williamsburg Bridge, singing every single note of the theme song. With two singers you can capture every single note. We're annoying everyone on fixed-gear bikes or wearing Girlfriend Jeans on the way. Oz keeps telling us we're stupid. By the apex of the bridge, we are actually belting out the song top volume.

When we land on the other side of the bridge we are exhausted. We head to the waterfront for picture ops, have a few cigarettes, talk about our friends. On our way from the waterfront to the bars, we come across a "dickchicken" tag. Julien stops dead in his tracks.

Julien: It's Dick Wolf's son!

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sierra said...

i was in brooklyn in may and spotted dickchicken EVERYWHERE and was endlessly amused by it.

my dad spotted pussyham when he was in brooklyn in august...wonder if there's any relation?