Saturday, November 21, 2009


This is what happens when you have the flu in Tromso and can't ingest food for four straight days.

The very MILI-SECOND I was back on my feet I speed-skated through town and purchased my way through a list of things I'd started to crave. Including:

+The biggest brick of national cheese I could get my hands around.
+Two pieces of cheesecake. One chocolate and covered in marshmallow, the other, chocolate and covered in lingonberry jam.
+2 inches of some kind of beef salami. (I seriously did a double-take walking past a butcher. Went in, asked the clerk to cut about "that much" off the thing I was pointing at)
+1 leg of chicken, prepared (because it just looked correct)
+5 pounds of Basmati rice
+1 pound of fresh shrimp caught on the water that morning (also because it just seemed right)
+Beef Bouillon cubes
+A bag of Anise stars
+Rice Noodles (If you guys are predicting Pho night, you are RIGHT)
+Cans of peas
+High fat milk
+Chili peppers
+Carrots, mushrooms, lemon
+More apple juice and seltzer

Once I got over my hunger high I remembered to buy postcards and stamps, then promptly ran into the woman who drove me to the ambulance when I was convinced my flu was actually Death.

Sitje: Hello! You are doing alright?
Anne: I'm doing great! I'm about to buy two pieces of cheesecake. Thanks again for taking me to the ambulance.
Sitje: Good good. OK.
Anne: Takk.

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