Friday, November 20, 2009

German Scientists Gone Innuendo

I'm staying at a boat house (not to be confused with a house-boat, or... a boat), where currently there is also a trio of German virologists and seal researcher in Tromso presumably doing, well... research on viruses and seals. I believe their last night here is tomorrow. They're doing dinner altogether in the communal living room, which makes me the apologetic mole in the corner.

But let me set the stage.

It's two German men, one Norwegian man (all robust, all Wintered and strong-looking), and one abnormally hot blond German woman at least ten years younger than all of them.

I'll give you a second to do the math.

Conversation here has been excellent. Hot Blond with her Dietrich eyes asks the Norwegian to teach her how to say numbers. Bigger German waxes arrogantly about everything from yogurt to who gave the best talk on small pox at last year's virology conference (not Bernie Moss, oh no...). Smaller German offers to go buy the cheese they need for the lasagna they're cooking together (which btw, is the most swinger-ish dish ever!).

Best snippet of conversation so far, between the two men most likely to get into Dietrich-eyes' pants:

Bigger German: If this whole virology thing doesn't work out I'm going to open a restaurant in Tromso and make a lot of money.
Norwegian: I don't mean to insult you but German food isn't very reputed around the world. It's just sauerkraut and sausages.
Bigger German: (Dead stare into Norwegian's eyes) I haven't had sauerkraut in a year.
(Long pause)

Update: OK, now all three of them are staring at her as she eats a piece of chocolate cake. Brilliant.

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