Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leave your baby at the door please.

So I'm walking through downtown Tromso and notice: people leave their big ass baby strollers outside of stores. I like it.

Coming from South Brooklyn, I look at this and think, "Gawd, why can't Brooklynites do this too?!"
You know what I'm talkin' about, all you Park Slopers. You're fighting your way to the bar past a heard of strollers that look more like Hummers, feeling bad for the parents who can't quite travel with anything a. smaller or b. more bar-appropriate than a baby. It's quite nice to see this honor system stroller parking outside of stores. You know, to keep wheel-traffic indoors to a cool minimum.

Then I walked past one of these strollers and noticed something inside:

A friggin' baby.

People here don't just leave there strollers outside of stores. They leave their friggin' children in them!!
Frightening. Frightening but also heartening.
Please no one steal those little things.


Liz said...

Were you living in NYC when the Danish woman left her baby in the stroller on the sidewalk on 2nd Avenue while she had margaritas in Dallas BBQ? I remember tabloid uproar.

ill iterate said...

Whoa no way. I missed that, but damn.