Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Compartmentalizing My Web Presence

I just wanted to let everyone know there is yet another web outlet for ill itericisms.

Kristy at Fantagraphics was nice enough to call out to me at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Told me I should do some writing for The Comics Journal, which is like telling someone who watches Nova they should contribute to The National Geographic.

Anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to announce my light blogging presence on the subject of Japanese media and manga in particular, chez TCJ. The site was still not up last time I went there but it'll be running within the week, I presume. Here's a little teaser of what I've got in store for you:

The dying wish of a 10 year old girl with vascular cancer was to see 'Up' before she died. Pixar made it happen.
No one was dying to see Astro-boy.

I'm also taking this opportunity to finally compartmentalize my web presences.

I still consider this blogger/Giant Robot platform the motherboard because I aggregate everything here and can shamelessly pimp my own work. For example, even though I'll be blogging about manga on TCJ, I can't by all rights pimp Detroit Metal City there, as it'd be shameless self-promotion.

Here, however, I can tell you to go fucking buy Detroit Metal City 3 or I will never talk to you again.

Race-related Asian-Americana is still at Status Quoted.
Self-related smorgasbord is still here.
Japanese media-related blogoyavich is now at The Comics Journal,
and anything more useless or personal is on any of the fifty thousand social networking sites I can't seem to pry myself away from. (Don't be offended if we can't be friends on those networks. Just. Don't. It's unbecoming of you.)


BuckPrivate said...

Astro Boy was very good, actually. Glad I ignored some of the movie critics and saw it. I'll bet if it were Pixar's the critical reception would have been nauseatingly worshipful. BTW, the film was just nominated for two Annie Awards (the awards the animated film industry hands out) for Best Writing and Best Storyboarding. Also BTW, my own kids much preferred Astro Boy to Up. Frankly, so do I.

ill iterate said...

Oh I agree that it was good. I just mean exactly what you've pointed out about if it were a Pixar flick.

Ed Sizemore said...

You should also point that a few of the manga review blogs have listed DMC on their manga gift guides. If you can't trust manga reviewers on the internet you can you trust ;-)

As for Astro Boy. It wasn't bad. But as I always say, tell one story at a time. Astro Boy tried too hard to please too many people. If they had streamlined the story and focused on the characters a little more it could have been a hit. I'd like to see them try one more time, but given how much it lost, that probably isn't going to happen.