Monday, March 1, 2010


I like Tokyo just fine and each time I go there I like it more. Probably just because each time I go there I meet more people. The odds of my hitting an ace acquaintance get better each time. My biggest hangup is still the gender divide, but as an American visitor it's nothing I can't pretend gets isolated on this side of the Pacific.

Observation 1: Made by Alvin.
"Japan has mastered a brilliant system of mind-control." (inre: cultish purchasing habits, and business morale)

Observation 2: Made by my Korean Grandma.
"When the kimchi's good, everything is good." (after a sub par KBBQ experience saved by panchan)

Observation 3: Made by Julia (in reference to time zones and where we were currently)
"Right now is today's now."

Observation 4:
This is what karaoke should always look like. (ps: I have just realized I've been surrounded almost my whole life with handsome friends. I must have hated men in a previous existence.)

Observation 5:
Tokyo is a city of solitude.

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Deborah said...

My best friend goes to Tokyo to get away from people. But you can only do it to get away from certain people, because all the other people are in Tokyo.