Sunday, June 13, 2010

What part of Manhattan Are You?

You meet a very stylish stranger who compliments you on a pair of unremarkable and ratty shoes. You think:

A. I love these shoes too! Awesome.
B. Ew. He wants to sleep with me.
C. He/She must work in retail.
D. I'm in.

You buy a six pack at the local deli and it's:

A. 8pm
B. 5pm
C. 7am
D. I'm in.

The clerk behind the register says "how are you, (insert your name)?" You respond:

A. Good. How about you, John?
B. (To self: fuck, what was his name?)
C. Not bad, Nelson. Uh... is Jose still selling the weed I bought last weekend?
D. I'm in.

An ideal roommate situation for you is:

A. Your wife/husband and kids.
B. Your future wife/husband and your brittany spaniel.
C. Anyone you've met at the local deli.
D. I'm in.

You do your banking with:

A. One bank
B. Two banks
C. The local deli ATM
D. I'm in.

If you had to live anywhere else in the U.S. you'd live in:

A. Manhattan
B. France
C. The local deli
D. I'm in.

If you answered mostly A you're not anywhere near Manhattan.
If you answered mostly B you're in the West Village.
If you answered mostly C you're in the East Village/Lower East Side.
If you answered mostly D you're in.

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