Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dry T-Shirt Contest #1

Alrighty Kids-

Let's start voting. Here are the entries for Dry T-Shirt Contest #1. Remember, the prize is a "Maine, I Wanna Live There Forever" or "Don't Seattle For Less" shirt, both printed in my boilerroo...I mean, Grade A facilities. Also, a 4-color bic pen.

Object: Best Acronym for DRUGS.

Entrant A:
Did Reefer Until I Grooved with Steely Dan

Entrant B:
Doped Regularly Until Gangrene Surfaced
Doped Regularly, Ultimately Gonads Shriveled

Entrant C:
Driving Recklessly Under Gold Schlager

Entrant D:
Damned Rand Upsets Grumpy Socialists

Entrant E:
Don't Rape Underage Girls, Scumbag
Don't Rest Until Girl Submits

Entrant F:
Don't Repent Unless God Says
Dangerous Response Urges Getting Stronger
Dancing Raining Umbrella Gene Sings
Dinosaurs Really Upset Giant Snowfall

Entrant G (close your eyes if you're under
Delightful Rimjobs Using Giant Suppositories
Draconian Rules Urge us to import Great Shit
Dang Rolling papers Ugh Gimme the Scissors
Darling, Reach Under my G String

Entrant H:
Delicious Regimen Underlying Gigantic Stupidity

Entrant I:Dude, R U Gonna Spew?

So now you write in telling me which Entrant's work you like best. I got my personal faves, but won't say anything till you do.

Rules on voting: Don't go voting on your own entry. Leave only one comment. And remember, if your comment is funnier than the entry, you might get something too.


Michelle said...

I vote B III.

-Michelle GRLA

Deborah said...

I vote F. My brain is too underage for the rest.