Thursday, June 5, 2008

This is going to turn out a bit of a threesome, but bear with me.
It's another convergence:

My friend Liz is a book reviewer with amazing analytical skills. She always has perfect examples and analyses to back up whatever you're ranting about, which I'm now realizing, is a talent. She has a blog that among other things, posts obituaries of artistic luminaries. Kill Fee

My friend Douglas is a music/book reviewer with unparalleled knowledge of music (no really, I dare anyone to face-off on music trivia with him. He'll kick your ass). He posts YouTubes of musicians whose birthday it is that day. Mincing Up the Morning.

I found it curious the two should coincide in my life, so I brought up "Mincing Up The Morning," to Liz. Her girlfriend happens to be a childhood friend of his!

God I love the world. It's so beautifully predictable.

P.S.: Gandering Kill Fee I was led to a cache of amazing Rahsaan Roland Kirk videos on YouTube. All deserve a watching.
This amazing video is of him playing nose flute, flute, tenor sax, AND tape player. But not at once...though he definitely could (Check out "I Say a Little Prayer"). And it's long, but watch the whole video guys.

I want to also point out the percussionist, who is actually playing the wind chimes INDIVIDUALLY.

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Liz said...

Thanks, Anne!!