Saturday, December 20, 2008


No, seriously, I was interviewed! You can listen to the smooth sounds of me. I sound like a Jewish man for some reason, but if you want to know the deep inner workings of ill iterate, the translator, here's my two cents.

Disclaimer to those who listen to the interview: I know that "anale" is straight-up French, and not an "Americanism." Leave Annus Itchii alone.



Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you sound. I can do an impression.

Deborah said...

Hi Anne! I lstened to your interview. As a translator facing similar "issues" as you did with Buddha, it was great to hear how you deal with it, how it goes over, etc. etc. I always thought of that sort of the thing as the great unspoken secret--it's good to have it going mainstream. One review of a book I and another woman did said they could almost hear our NY City accents. Wa ha ha. I actually come from about 3 miles of El Cerrito High School featured in that podcast. (The other translator was from upstate NY.)